Published on December 22, 2021 Updated on December 22, 2021


CY Cergy Paris Université
Research center type
Innovation platform


Detail of services

A panel of innovative systems and equipment to allow materials to be studied at different scales using the waves-material study: Acoustics and Optics by colorimetry, Raman analysis, Laser vibrometry and nanotopography.

Privileged fields of study

  • The tangible heritage: characterisation technique for the restoration and conservation of heritage within the framework of the Equipex Patrimex,

  • Cosmetics: assessments of cream and gel emulsions and their interactions with the skin ex-vivo (on live skin explants),

  • Safety: studies of changes and degradation of bones and wood, monitoring of the ageing of electronic components, etc.

  • Industrial applications: NDT of structures and its evolutions


  • Characterisation of soft matter (emulsions, creams, gels, varnishes), composite materials (fibrillar, hybrid, organic-inorganic), organic media (skin, hair, biofilm, marble, ink, etc.)

  • Measurement of viscoelasticity and structural changes at different scales (macroscopic to microscopic), etc.

  • Measurement of the composition of material and its structure (Raman, stratigraphy, 3D topography, CARS Raman, extraction of surface and volume information),

  • Studies of vibrational behaviour at different scales

  • Understanding of the phenomena of evolution, alteration, degradation, etc.

Services offered

The platform is accessible and open to companies
Characterisation instruments can be provided with or without expertise (in the form of a service or collaboration, depending on the degree of innovation sought).
According to the level of services requested, the expert researchers may carry out:

  • An analysis of the problem to adapt the level of use of the tools

  • The expected measurements

  • Assistance in interpreting the results

  • Personalised support


The equipment of the LaserInnov platform was partially funded with the assistance of the Ile de France Region