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Do you want to obtain an accreditation to supervise Phd students (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) at CY Cergy-Paris Université?

The Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR) endorses the recognition of the candidate’s high scientific level, the original character of their approach in a scientific field, their aptitude for mastering a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field and their ability to oversee young researchers. HDR is mandatory to apply for positions as university professors. 
Candidates for the accreditation to supervise research must hold a doctorate or provide evidence of a degree, work or experience of an equivalent level to a doctorate.
For information, candidates should contact the HDR secretariat based in the Research Department, by email at:

Every steps of the HDR application 

To submit an application for HDR, download the following documents:
- Full process
- HDR administrative template

Would you like some information on the qualifications as university lecturers or professors?

The qualification is a necessary stage to be eligible to apply to become a university professor or lecturer. To consult the schedule of qualifications and the steps to follow, click here.

Are you a CY researcher and do you want to get involved in a business or set up your business?

If you want to take up a posting, carry out consultancy work or set up a business, a number of tools will enable you to realise your plans. The research department and the human resources department can give you advice. 

Document passerelle public / privé du Ministère

Are you a retired CY researcher and do you want to continue carrying out research in one of our laboratories? 

The title of university lecturer emeritus HDR or university professor emeritus can be awarded to retired researchers who wish to continue a research activity. The continuation of work in the laboratory is unpaid. 
Consulter la procédure
Télécharger le formulaire de demande d’éméritat

Are you a CY researcher and do you want to change CNU section?

For all CNU section change applications, please contact: