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Find out about CY Cergy Paris Université’s Open Innovation Labs 

Did you know? CY Cergy Paris Université has a number of Innovation Labs covering various scientific fields 

CY Cergy-Paris University’s Open Innovation Labs are tools that can be used to create links between research know-how and society’s needs. These networks of advanced equipment dedicated to a particular field of application open the door for the transfer of equipment and know-how from laboratories to companies for R&D purposes, and are places for experimentation and discussion around new practices.

PeptLab Innovation platform specialising in the preparation of natural or synthetic peptides. The platform provides private and public sector laboratories with design, synthesis, purification and characterisation services for peptides and proteins and their analogues in the fields of health, cosmetics, well-being, cultural heritage and the environment. 

Cosmetomics Network of platforms of several institutions for the analysis, characterisation, measurement of efficacy and safety and objectification of cosmetic products. 
Microscopies et analyses Innovation platform backed by the I-Mat federation. Equipment and know-how for analysis and imaging applied to materials, the environment and health. 
Laserinnov Innovation platform integrating equipment and know-how specialising in the use of lasers for non-destructive testing applied to health, aviation, security or heritage. 
U-maker - 3D SOLUTIONS GEOSCIENCE WORKSHOP: The U-MAKER micro-platform for the design and 3D printing of prototypes of educational objects for geology. 
FacLab Creativity platform, an innovation and manufacturing space open to all citizens to create and develop projects, share knowledge and participate in workshops.

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