HRS4R : CY Cergy Paris Université is committed

CY Cergy Paris université commits to a process of improving its human resources policy and applied to the European Commission for the Excellence in Research award. 

A few words from Frédéric Vidal, Vice-President for Research. 

""For several months, the institution has been preparing to introduce this plan to continuously improve its human resources strategy for researchers. Programme is in line with the projects and policy of the institution and it represents an asset for:

  •  improving the quality of the jobs, skills development and the working environment of researchers (corporate social responsibility and quality of workinglife),
  • fostering the attractiveness of the institution,
  • enhancing high international exposure,
  • developing and securing research projects at European level by guaranteeingconditions of recruitment and career supervision at the highest level.”

Logo HRS4R
Logo HRS4R

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) quality process

This quality process is based on two fundamental documents that introduce the principles, requirements, roles, responsibilities and obligations of researchers, their employers and funders: The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers .The Charter and the Code are brokendown into 40 points divided into 4 categories: Ethical and Professional Aspects, Recruitment, Working Conditions and Social Security and Training.

Following a self-assessment and an analysis of the differences between our practices and the Charter and the Code, the institution proposes an action plan to improve its HR strategy

The HRS4R quality process is a long-term commitment and includes a number of phases


Phases of the HRS4R quality process 

Phase I: the institution declares its adherence to the HRS4R process and submits an application to the European Commission. At the end of the first year, the institution proposes a decisive action plan to obtain the award. 

Phase II: the institution implements the action plan over a two-year period. Midway through, the institution performs a self-assessment and adapts its action plan, if necessary; then the process continues for an additional three years.  At the end of this period, external auditors visit the institution and examine the possibility of maintaining the award. 

Phase III: the institution improves its HR strategy with regard to researchers by continuing to evolve its action plan, in light of regular (internal and external) self-assessments. 

Further information :
Download Charter and Code

The key stages of phase 1 of the process 


September 2019: 1st steering committee
March 2020: HRS4R process endorsement letter
April 2020: questionnaire sent to the community of researchers
November - December 2020: Establishment of consultation groups and proposal of an action plan
January 2021: approval of the action plan by the ad hoc structures
January – March 2021: drafting and translation of the award application file, dispatch to the European Commission 

The organisation at CY Cergy Paris Université 

The first HRS4R steering committee, regroups all the policy and administrative players and researcher representatives, met in September 2019 and endorsed our methodology for the implementation of the first phase of the process. 

The self-assessment is based on a questionnaire sent to the entire community of researchers and the work of thematics consultation groups whose task will be to analyse the strengths and weaknesses in terms of recruiting and supporting researchers. 

On the basis of their work, the consultation groups will propose an action plan, which will be submitted to the process steering committee for approval. 

The structures of the institution are kept informed of the progress of the project and approve the action plan before it is sent to the European Commission. 

The project group follows the implementation of the process in terms of the operational aspects. 
•    policy leader: Frédéric Vidal, Vice-President for Research 
•    Administrative leader: Véronique Balbo-Bonneval, Chief Executive 

Further information 

Download the composition of the steering committee
Download the composition of the project group

The results of the researchers consultation

In the spring of 2020, the institution launched a consultation . The objective was to situate the quality of our practices in relation to the objectives set by the European Commission.
The results of the researchers consultation

Action Plan

Download the action plan

OTMR charter

Download the OTMR charter


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Adeline Desplan, Deputy director of Research
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