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Published on December 22, 2021 Updated on December 22, 2021

SATIE - Information and Energy Technology Systems and Applications

SATIE is a general Electrical Engineering laboratory dedicated to the study of complex instrumented systems, combining information and electrical energy processing, in disciplines such as electronics, applied physics, systems physics, data processing for modelling, instrumentation for mobility systems, including Human-in-the-loop, the design and optimisation of energy and/or information systems.
CY Cergy Paris Université CNRS ENS Paris Saclay CNAM Université Paris Saclay ENS Rennes
Research center type
Research Unit

Key figures

  • 8 industrial collaboration agreements for an amount of €597K

  • 1 service agreement for an amount of €5K


19 permanent members:
  1. Lecturer ARCINIEGAS Andres
  2. Lecturer CAPLAIN Emmanuel
  3. Lecturer DE FEUDIS Mary
  4. Secretary DENIS Jennifer
  5. Prof. GRIESMAR Pascal
  6. Lecturer HEBAZ Salah
  7. Lecturer ID-KHAJINE Lahoucine
  8. Lecturer authorised to supervise research (HDR) LE BALLOIS Sandrine
  9. Lecturer LE DIRAISON Yohan
  10. Lecturer MARTINEZ Loïc
  11. Lecturer MICHIEL Magalie
  12. Prof. MONMASSON Eric
  13. Lecturer ROUCARIES Bastien
  14. Lecturer RUELLAN Marie
  15. Prof. SERFATY Stéphane
  16. Lecturer authorised to supervise research (HDR) VASIC Dejan
  17. Lecturer VIDO Lionel
  18. Prof. WILKIE-CHANCELLIER Nicolas
  19. Lecturer ZEDDINI Besma


Research topics

CSEE (Components and Systems for Electrical Energy) department:
  • Power electronics and integration
  • Magnetic materials for energy
  • Energy systems for transport and environment
  • Advanced electromobility

SIAME (Instrumentation and Multi-Environment Analysis Systems) department:
  • Methods and tools for signals and systems
  • Instrumentation and imaging

Field of applications

Technologies and information systems, Heritage, Cosmetics, Health, Production and conversion of energy, Automotive, Aeronautics, railway


Information platforms

  • Imaging: Eddy currents, acousto-optics, RF

  • Laser techniques for characterisation, conservation and restoration of the tangible cultural heritage (Labex PATRIMA and Equipex PATRIMEX)

  • Polymer technology clean room (class 1000) - Institut d'Alembert

  • Microfluidic platform - Institut d'Alembert

  • Biochip experimentation platform - Institut d'Alembert

  • Plasmonic platform

  • Electrochemical sensor platform

Energy platforms

  • Power integration platform

  • Advanced machine design platform

  • Active and passive thermal cycling stress testing platform

  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing platform

  • Power components characterisation platform

  • Magnetic material characterisation platforms


Academic programs

  • Master’s in Intelligent Buildings

  • Master’s in GEII: Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing

  • CMI Master’s: Information Processing and Energy Management

  • CMI Master’s: Biotechnologies

Contact information

Address :
Laboratoire SATIE CY CERGY PARIS UNIVERSITE 5 mail Gay-Lussac – Neuville-sur-Oise
95031 Cergy-Pontoise
Phone :
(+33)1 34 25 68 99
Email :
On the Internet :
Additional contact details :
Francois. COSTA (Directeur) : francois.costa@satie.ens-cachan.fr

Nicolas Wilkie-Chancellier (Resp CY) : nicolas.wilkie-chancellier@cyu.fr