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Published on December 22, 2021 Updated on January 14, 2022

PARAGRAPHE - Psychology and Information and Communication Sciences

PARAGRAPHE (EA 349) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory bringing together research lecturers in Psychology, Ergonomics and Information and Communication Sciences attached to CY Cergy Paris Université or to Paris 8 University.
CY Cergy Paris Université - Université Paris 8
EA 349
Research center type
Multi-supervision research unit


Director(s) :
  • Around fifty research lecturers including 8 research lecturers affiliated to CY Cergy Paris Université

  • 2020-2021 - 45 doctoral students including 2 in the EDC doctoral school of CY Cergy Paris Université and 1 in the CLI doctoral school of Paris 8 University under the supervision of Prof.  Evelyne Clément



Research topics

The Paris 8 - UCP joint supervision, established at the end of 2008, offers Paragraphe members affiliated with Paris 8 University and CY Cergy Paris Université the opportunity to synergistically develop fundamental and applied research issues by responding to major societal challenges such as educational issues, the use of digital technology and lifelong learning.

Research topics of the Learning-Development-Cognition Area of the PARAGRAPHE Laboratory

Study of the cognitive, affective and conative processes involved in lifelong learning, and particularly in learning at school, is the central theme developed in the Learning-Development-Cognition Area of the PARAGRAPHE Laboratory. The research is concerned with associating fundamental research issues with topics with major societal challenges such as: the influence of the context on reasoning and problem-solving strategies, the expression of cognitive flexibility in children and adults, the impact of cognitive load on performance, the role of motivation and emotions in learning, the processes of memory evocation and semantic approximations, the development of digital cognition and language, the diagnosis of students’ difficulties, or the articulation between knowledge structures, representations and comprehension processes. These projects lead to the development and evaluation of educational devices (human, virtual-digital) aimed at the development and acquisition of knowledge.

Area head: Prof.   Evelyne Clément

Current projects


Field of applications

Cognitive psychology, Educational psychology, Developmental psychology, Cognitive Sciences


PARAGRAPHE is attached to two Doctoral Schools:

  • The Education-Didactics-Cognition Doctoral School (no. 627) of CY Cergy Paris Université

  • The Cognition, Language and Interaction Doctoral School (no. 224) of Paris 8 University

Academic programs

  • At Paris 8 University: 5 courses in ICS, 2 courses in Psychology and Ergonomics in the Psychology Department and an interdisciplinary course (ICS, Computer Science, Psychology),

  • At CY Cergy Paris Université: courses in MEEF specialisations (1, 2, 3 and 4) in Psychology at the Higher Institute of Teaching and Education (INSPE) of the Académie de Versailles, a component of CY Cergy Paris Université.


International relations

University of Geneva

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Contact information

Address :
PARAGRAPHE- CY Cergy Paris Université - Site de Gennevilliers- ZAC des Barbanniers, Avenue Marcel-Paul
92230 Gennevilliers
Email :
evelyne.clement@cyu.fr / paragraphe@univ-paris8.fr
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