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Published on November 10, 2021 Updated on May 7, 2024

LPTM - Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Modelling

CY Cergy Paris Université, CNRS
Research center type
Research Unit


As of 1st January 2024, the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Modelling has:

  • 27 permanent members
  • 6 post-doctoral students
  • 23 PhD students

a total membership of 56 members.

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Research topics

 LPTMs research activities deal with aspects of theoretical physics: in particular statistical physics of large systems with lowenergy scales, involving both mathematical and numerical methods. Main domains covered are: the modelling of condensed matter systems, non-linear physical systems, integrable systems, complex systems, biological systems and activesystems. In particular, they aim at describing non-equilibrium phenomena, phase transitions, stochastic and random phenomena, and certain aspects of quantum measurements. The research conducted at the laboratory is grouped into three clearly identified areas: condensed matter, quantum phenomena; integrability, dynamics, stochasticity; physics of complex systems involving e.g. soft matter, neurosciences, active matter.

The LPTM is also committed to the mission of transferring knowledge, through teaching activities and supervision provided at all levels by research-professors and CNRS staff, at Cergy Pontoise University.

Areas of research

  • Condensed matter, Quantum phenomena
  • Integrability, dynamics, stochasticity
  • Physics of complex systems

Fields of application

  • Materials, quantum computing, quantum technologies, magnetic cooling, quantum measurements
  • Solitons, fluid dynamics, polymeric materials; N-body systems and non-equilibrium thermodynamics; quantum groups and algebras, representation theory; genetics, economics, demography
  • Biology, biochemistry, ecology, social sciences, computational neurosciences, active matter, soft matter


The LPTM publications presented here are organised by category, year, area and author(s). Only those written from 2009 onwards are available for consultation.

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International relations

Institutional partner universities
EUTOPIA: Warwick, Ljubljana, Gothenburg, Pompeu Fabra Barcelona; Singapore; TU Munich, etc. ANR Internationale OpLaDyn France/Argentina Brazil; 80 other non-institutional, university or research partners

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LPTM CY CERGY PARIS UNIVERSITE - CNRS Site de St-Martin 2 avenue Adolphe Chauvin, Pontoise 95032 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex
95032 Cergy-Pontoise
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