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Published on December 22, 2021 Updated on December 22, 2021

L2MGC - Civil Engineering Mechanics and Materials Laboratory

L2MGC operates in the field of Civil Engineering on issues related to the optimisation of materials and the behaviour of structures and civil works. The approaches used combine both experimental studies and modelling work, from microstructural to macrostructural scales, and cover both physico-chemical and mechanical aspects and thermo-hydromechanical coupling problems.
CY Cergy Paris Université
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Key figures

Some figures for 2009-2013

  • 10 grant agreements following responses to calls for tenders (for a total amount of €271K).

  • 36 collaboration or service agreements with manufacturers (for a total amount of €800K)

  • 10 collaboration or service agreements with public institutions (for an amount of €446K)

  • Scientific production over 5 years: 80 peer-reviewed articles + 98 papers presented at symposiums


40 members, including:

  • 19 Research Lecturers

  • 5 Research and Study Engineers and secretary

  • 3 Associate professors

  • 13 Doctoral students


Research topics

  • Rheology department: Rheology, Rheometry, Tribology, rheology-formulation interaction, heterogeneous media, etc.

  • Mechanics of materials and structures department: Polymer matrix composites, materials with low environmental impact, concrete recycling, etc.

  • Auscultation and diagnostics department: Durability, pathology of materials and structures, non-intrusive auscultation methods, etc.

  • Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical behaviour of materials department: Transfers, couplings, scale effects (micro, meso, macro), damage, flaking, fibrous materials, etc.

Major scientific breakthroughs
  • Rheometry of concrete,

  • Characterisation of the near-wall flow of complex fluids (heterogeneous, draining, compacting, with setting kinetics and thixotropic),

  • Rheology-formulation-process interaction,

  • Recovery of sediments in construction materials,

  • Concrete recycling (optimisation of formulations in terms of mechanical and thermal performance and for better durability),

  • Multi-scale and multi-criteria characterisation of the resistance of materials to severe thermal stresses,

Field of applications

Buildings - Public buildings, Development and reliability of materials, Freezing-Thawing of construction materials, Mechanics and civil engineering materials, Heritage, Concrete pumping, Prefabrication - Rehabilitation, Fire safety

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95031 Cergy-Pontoise cedex
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