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Published on October 21, 2021 Updated on June 21, 2022

HERITAGES - Culture/s, Patrimoine/s, Création/s

Héritages: Culture/s, Heritage, Creation/s (UMR 9022) is a joint research unit supported by CY Cergy Paris Université, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (Centre national de la recherche scientifique - CNRS) and the French Ministry of Culture. This interdisciplinary unit brings together anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, historians, historians of ideas, linguists, arts scholars and specialists in visual arts, area studies, cultural policies and educational sciences.
CY Cergy Paris Université - CNRS - Ministère de la Culture
UMR 9022
Research center type
Joint Research Unit

Key figures

UMR 9022 - Heritage: Culture/s, Patrimony/-ies, Creation/s gathers 46 permanent teachers-researchers, 30 associate researchers and 108 PhD students.


Executive board


Christine Laurière, CNRS researcher
Email: christine.lauriere@cnrs.fr

Deputy director:

Julie Amiot-Guillouet, PR CY
Email: julie.amiot-guillouet@cyu.fr

Heads of the 3 research areas:

Véronique Dassié, CR CNRS
Chantal Lapeyre, PR CY
Valérie Toureille, PR CY

Head of Administration and Finance:

Michel Hoang
Email: michel.hoang@cyu.fr

Administrative and financial manager:

Corinne Pacanowski
Email: corinne.pacanowski[at]cyu.fr

Research manager:

Solène Hazouard
Email: solene.hazouard@cyu.fr

Editor/documentalist for the journal ethnographiques.org and Bérose :

Anabel Vazquez
Email : anabel.vazquez[at]cnrs.fr

Policy officers:

Communications officer:

Vivien Barrière
Email: vivien.barriere@cyu.fr

Reception and parity officer:

Hélène Bernier
Email: helene.bernier@cyu.fr

International officer: 

AMarie Petitjean
Email: anne-marie.petitjean@cyu.fr


Research topics

Research within Héritages is organised in three main areas:

  • • Area 1: Collective inventiveness and creativity of knowledge
  • • Area 2: Experiences, practices, actors in the cultural and literary fields
  • • Area 3: Knowledge and modes of transmission

According to three approaches:

  1. 1. Historicity;
  2. 2. Globalisation and effects of scale;
  3. 3. Reflexivity.


International relations

EUTOPIA Alliance
(and in particular the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies and the Film and Television Studies of the University of Warwick)

University collaborations

AHSS Doctoral School
EUR Humanities, Creation and Heritage
CY Doctoral and post-doctoral school

Institutional collaborations

Foundation of Heritage Sciences (Fondation des sciences du patrimoine - FSP)
National institute of cultural heritage (Institut national du patrimoine - INP)
Laboratory of Anthropology and History of the Institution of Culture (Laboratoire d’anthropologie et d’histoire de l'institution de la culture - LAHIC)

EMOBI/Notre-Dame Working Group

Projets et contrats - CY Héritages (cyu.fr)

Contact information

Address :
UMR Héritages 9022 - CY Cergy Paris Université - 33 boulevard du Port
95011 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex
Email :
On the Internet :