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Published on November 10, 2021 Updated on November 10, 2021

GEC - Geosciences and Environment Laboratory Cergy

The GEC Laboratory has a research mission in the field of earth sciences, in which its two areas of strength are tectonics - geodynamics and petrophysics - geomechanics, and in the field of the environment.
CY Cergy Paris Université
EA 4506
Research center type
Research Unit

Key figures


  • 10 public financing contracts (€660k)
  • 10 industrial financing contracts (€730k)
  • 4 PhD research projects defended, 4 post-doctoral research projects
  • Scientific output: approximately 80 peer-reviewed publications and 70 conference papers


12 research lecturers, 7 PhD students and post-doctoral students

  • Emeritus professor, Mr Dominique FRIZON DE LAMOTTE
  • Lecturer, Mr Rémi LEPRETRE
  • Lecturer, Ms Beatriz MENENDEZ


Research topics

The GEC Laboratory’s defining feature lies in its multi-scale approach to the deformation and alteration, in the wider sense, of rocks, ranging from the terrain and large-scale analysis of geological structures, to the quantified study of rock microstructures and physical modelling and measurement in the laboratory. Its know-how in petrophysics also supports both “geoscience” actions and “environmental” actions. The field of application of the research concerns the assessment of the quality of reservoirs (geothermal energy and hydrocarbons) in complex tectonic contexts, the problem of storage (waste, CO2 and energy) in the natural environment and the deterioration of built heritage materials.

Its areas of research include:


  • Rifting and passive margins
  • Orogenic domains
  • Multi-scale approach to deformation in sedimentary rocks
  • Mechanical analysis, numerical simulation and analogue modelling in structural geology
  • Geothermal energy


  • Alteration of construction stones - Sustainable methods for the conservation/restoration of built heritage
  • Storage in the geological environment: constraints, deformation and petrophysical properties
  • Phase change materials for construction

Field of applications

Geosciences and environment, Heritage (conservation of old buildings), Environment (energy transition)


  • https://www.u-cergy.fr/fr/laboratoires/laboratoire-gec/equipement.html

Academic programs

  • Master STPE; Master MEEF; Doctoral School of Sciences and Engineering
  • Vocation Degree in Conservation and Development of Built Heritage
  • University Degree in Construction and Heritage


International relations

  • IODP
  • swisstopo
  • CINVESTAV, Mexico
  • INAH, Mexico

University collaborations

  • Universita Roma Tre, Italy
  • Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech., Germany
  • CSIRO energy, Australia
  • CRAAG, Algeria
  • PGP, Oslo University, Norway
  • ETH, Zurich
  • Caltech, United States
  • ENS, Paris
  • IPG, Paris
  • Sorbonne Université, Paris
  • UMASS, Amherst, United States

Contact information

Address :
CY Cergy Paris Université Maison Internationale de la Recherche (MIR), 1, rue Descartes 95000 Neuville-sur-Oise
95000 Neuville-sur-Oise
Phone :
(+33)1 34 25 73 51
Email :
nathalie.ouin @cyu.fr
On the Internet :