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Published on December 21, 2021 Updated on December 21, 2021

EMA - School, Transformations, Learning

ÉMA is a multidisciplinary laboratory which studies the interactions between the transformations of society and the methods for the transmission of knowledge. This common thread explores the reciprocal transformations between society & education in the schooling field, and more broadly in education & training. Certain research topics deal with subjects such as parent/teacher/school relations, alternative teaching methods, learning spaces, etc.
CY Cergy Paris Université
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The EMA laboratory currently has 117 members: 31 research lecturers (9 university professors, 21 lecturers and 1 professor emeritus), 28 associate researchers, 4 associate professional members, 1 study engineer, 1 managerial secretary, 5 contractual research lecturers (excluding associates) and 45 doctoral students (including 4 doctoral contracts and 4 “assimilated” contractual ATER/ECs).




Research topics

  • Training and professional training
  • Actors, policies and practices
  • Knowledge and resources
  • Forms and spaces

The ÉMA laboratory studies the dynamics of the world of education, its training policies (“Training and professional trainingfield) and the role of actors that influence the practices and uses related to learning (“Actors, policies and practicesfield). It focusses on the resources used to build knowledge in order to explain and understand what is learned, through the specificity of the taught subjects (“Knowledge and resources field).It also explores the diversity of the spaces and forms of learning, issues which the researchers analyse inside and outside of school (“Forms and spaces” field).

These fields bring objects together in a dynamic interrelation: they offer opportunities for reflection on their associated references and are designed to initiate or promote cross-disciplinary work, to fertilise the work and to place analysis, at a given moment, in a common space, without leading the members of the laboratory in mutually exclusive directions. This cross-disciplinary approach is particularly supported by the significant experience that EMA has in collaborative research in the educational, health and social fields.

Field of applications

School - Education - Apprenticeships, Training and professionalization, Actors - policies and practices , Knowledge and resources

Academic programs

The EMA laboratory partners most of its courses with the MEEF 1, 2, 3 et 4 de l'Inspé de l'académie de Versailles :
  • MEEF 1 Training of school teachers
  • MEEF2 Training of high school and college teachers
  • MEEF 3 Training of Principal Educational Advisors
  • MEEF 4 Training Practices and Engineering (various courses)
  • ÉMA associates the degree in education and training sciences of the Inspé of the Académie de Versailles in partnership with the EPSS and ILEPS (component institutions of CY Cergy Paris Université):http://www.inspe-versailles.fr/Licence-Sciences-de-l-education


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(+33)1 41 21 74 97
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jean-philippe.legois @ cyu.fr
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