Strategic research areas

Cy Cergy Paris University, a multidisciplinary university to meet all needs and expectations

CY Alliance brings together researchers from all disciplines except health. It comprises 5 graduate schools, 4 of which are run directly by CY Cergy Paris Université, and the fifth by ESSEC. Research carried out within CY can be divided into four main scientific areas:

• Experimental sciences and modelling;
• Engineering sciences;
• Economics, business, law and politics;
• Humanities, arts and education.



The university also promotes cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration, particularly with external partners, focussing on the following subjects:

•    Heritagisation and creation  
•    Health, cosmetics and luxury  
•    Smart territories, mobility, energy  
•    Crime, security, society.


3 research federations facilitate cross-disciplinary exchanges and the development of multidisciplinary projects: 

    The Institute of Materials (I-MAT) aims to promote research on subjects relating to materials.I-MAT actively participates in basic and applied research through synergies between the laboratories of the federation.
•    The Institute of Digital Humanities (IDHN), in association with the Domain of Major Interest Science of Text and New Knowledge, of which CY Cergy Paris Université is a founding member and partner.IDHN aims to develop and promote research activities in the field of digital humanities at CY Cergy Paris Université.
•    The Institute of Security Sciences (I2S), of which CY and the PJGN (the judicial arm of the French gendarmerie) are supervisors.Its mission is to create synergies in research, training and development in the fields of security and forensics.