EUTOPIA ambassador

Become a EUTOPIA Ambassador

Would you like to :

  • participate in a European project with prestigious universities?
  • travel around Europe and working with students from all over?
  • actively contribute to improving your learning process and that of future generations?
  • improve your resume and acquire new skills and competences?

If so, become an EUTOPIA ambassador and help create a new European University model! You will get academic recognition for your participation!

We are an alliance of leading universities in Europe, challenge-led, student-centred, place-based, inclusive and open to the world. The joint mission of EUTOPIA is to build a distinctive, daring and driven alliance of transformative and engaged institutions:

  •  To produce challenge-driven research and teaching
  •  To prepare empowered European graduates
  •  To lead regional and international involvement
  •  To support diversity, inclusivity and widening citizenship

 What is a European University ?

In 2019, our network presented a pilot project to build a new model of higher education in Europe as part of the European Universities initiative. The project was one of seventeen chosen to design, from various perspectives, a proposal for a new European University model, based on the principles of diversity, inclusion and citizenship in the broadest sense. A core part of the project is student involvement. At EUTOPIA we need your collaboration to design the project! If you want to be a EUTOPIA ambassador, please contact us to join!
What do I have to do to sign up?

Send an email to EUTOPIA, attach a letter of motivation and a brief CV of the studies taken, languages, jobs and hobbies.
Requirements :

  • High level of English
  • Be willing to commit to the pilot’s three years (maybe in one of them as alumni)

Recommended :

Some knowledge of other languages is appreciated

What does EUTOPIA offers me ?

  • Travel to other Universities in EUTOPIA and work with students from all over Europe
  • Contacts with students from other universities
  • Credits for your academic career
  • Recognition of the work done in the European Diploma Supplement
  • If you are in a pilot subject, a special certificate of participation
  • Improvement of your resume and acquisition of new skills and competences
  • Active contribution to improving your learning process and that of future generations
  • Participate in an international innovation process to respond to global challenges at a local level.

In which working groups will I collaborate ?

  • Governance structure and strategy for a European university
  • Creating an open and inclusive administrative structure through a multi-level adaptive and collaborative governance model.
  • Joint learning communities
  • Inter-institutional teams (staff, students, scholars and stakeholders) jointly creating teaching materials and developing teaching and learning methods.
  • Communities of common knowledge and creation through research and innovation
  • Promotion of a community-driven by the approach of challenges and the creation of knowledge, that is transversal and integrated into the institutions of EUTOPIA.
  • Ability to create the environment: politics and practice
  • Developing a collaborative partner network—with universities as anchors to help connect different regions through the alliance—that will facilitate inclusive growth and respond to society’s innovation challenges.
  • Inclusion and capacity for development
  • Extension and leadership in the concepts of open and inclusive education, providing 21st-century skills and competencies in all regions of Europe.
  • Local and global internationalization
  • Development of local internationalization in graduate training; of an international community of teachers, and of a global internationalization through the collaboration with non-European associates.
  • Sustainability and the politics and practice of dissemination
  • Building a new European Inter-campus University with a common long-term strategy and sharing our learning and model with the European Union and around the world.


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Responsable de la valorisation
CY Cergy Paris Université - Département Europe
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